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    October 31, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

put my life in danger. >> reporter: the commotion was loud, shy fisher says she came to help. >> came at me. protecting it's puppy under my brother's car. >> reporter: shy says her father hit the dog then the larger male jumped up and clamped on his face. he was on the ground so shy's brother kicked it. then had to jump on his father's car. shy's younger brother watched it happen. >> the dog got up. he kicked the dog off of the car. >> i hit it on the back of the head. that didn't have a affect. it upset the other pit bull. >> reporter: battle went on 10-15 minutes before antioch police arrived and shot the female twice with a shotgun. the male ran off, but later captured and taken, with the puppy to the pound. >> this is a drainage tube here.
>> his 13-year-old dog ran and was found. morgan says it weren't for neighbors they'd be in worse shape. one neighbor was graze bid a pellet from the officer's shotgun, he says the police did an excellent job of stopping the attack. tonight at 6:00 we'll tell you why that young boy believes his older brother saved his dad's life. reporting live in antioch, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. a san jose man has been arrested after police say he left his two children locked in a car for more than 14 hours. the 29-year-old julio reyes arrested after reporting his car and children missing 24 hours after he left them. just after noon police found an 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl locked in a car on north hill view drive. police say they'd been there since 10:00 p.m the night before. the children are now in protective custody.
the state public utilities commission approved a set of safety rules for rail transit workers in response to deaths of two bart workers killed while doing track maintenance. among rules, three-way communications between central control, trains and workers on the tracks. new safety rain training programs and standardized clothing. the rule as ply to all 12 transit agencies regulated by cpuc, including muni and bart. muni union says members have been asking for this change to be updated. >> looking at muni in itself, so many things going wrong, can be preventible with safety and training. training here so antiquated. far behind what other cities have in place we're behind. agencies have 90 days to implement rules. >> tonight we're hearing from the attorney of the sonoma county sheriff's deputy who shot
and killed a 13-year-old boy. deputy erick >> an ak 47 with no markings it was a replica gun pointed in his direction. those weapons pierce body armor. they pierce and go through patrol vehicles and this is a residential neighborhood with homes n all around. >> abc7 news learned andy lopez's mother filed a claim against sonoma county and sheriff's department this, is the first stoep a lawsuit. >> antioch police are blaming driver error for a really amazing crash this morning. a 67-year-old drove her hyundai
through front doors of a 7-11 store. a customer did suffer a minor injury. investigators say alcohol does not appear tb a factor in this crash, just driver error, they say. >> well, we're out driving out and about, be careful. kids roaming streets trick or treating. look at the weather sandhya patel is on the roof with the forecast. sandhya? >> beautiful right now. get it? and tonight kids heading outside, it's going to be perfect weather. a nice treat. let's take a look at the forecast. sun goes down in about an hour, mild, 67 degrees, 7:00 p.m 61. you'll feel the chill by 9:00 p.m . mid-50s so if i were you i'd sneak in an extra layer. the
weekend forecast includes change. cheryl? >> mer than 50 stanford students recovering from what may be the flu the university said four had to be treated at emergency room all live in florence moore hall dorms they started feeling sick yesterday, complaining of symptoms similar to stomach flu. the santa clara county public health department is looking into this. >> engineers from bay area tech giants ora cell and google have been brought in now to help fix the government's troubled health care web site. health down again, yesterday because of technical problems it's been plagued with glitches since launching. the ceo says today his company is doing everything it can to help. other experts will be work on this project include miky dickerson on leave from google, and greg gershman a veteran software engineer who worked at the white
house in the past. and 12 words temporarily cost facebook $18 billion last night. the company cfo said we did see a decrease in daily users among younger teens that has been known, when cfo said it, people listend and stocks slid from $57.10 down to $47.40. tonight the stock stands at $50.21 >> you may have heard about the google barge on the bay. folks are curious about it. this is what it looks like right now across the bay there some people are actually driving to treasure island to take a look at the google barge. abc7 news is there with more. leanne? >> reporter: well, yes. people drive down california avenue here. they stop, take a look and drive off. it's become somewhat
of an attraction. some people beginning to call it google island. every now and then, people stop to look at the concealed barge. you wonder what an ten yaz are for, if that is what they are. some take pictures. there are fences and guards on the pier. ideas are just floating around. >> i think it's underwater system google working on going to show ocean bottoms and things like . that otherwise why do they build on a barge? >> i asked patrick o'hara what he thinks he's been watching for more than a year now. >> you can see them, they're filling them up and shipping them off. and -- >> have you seen inside? >> i have not. some are empty. >> google has a patent
application for floating computer data center. so a few tech experts think that is what they're building there is a second barge in portland, maine. google met twice with a san francisco development commission, the agency handing out permits to use the bay. >> we think it might be is a way what google described to us a way for the bay area to learn about technology. >> with answers so vague, i decided to go in. under cover. i took advantage of the fact it's halloween. >> okay. ready. >> hello. >> hi. >> my name is lyanne melendez. i wanted permission to go inside >> you can't go back there. >> do you know who i can talk to? >> have you to research . that i don't know what is back there.
>> all we know is that google promised to release information once this project is completed with construction still ongoing, that may be awhile. >> so cute, leanne. that is great. coast guard has been getting heat for refusing to explain what it saw. today it clarified it does the same for any business in a similar situation saying this. the coast guard has an obligation to protect sensitive information for a company's business interests depend on it. >> we're on the story >> right >> leanne is on the case >> in disguise. >> there is more ahead tonight. coming up michael finney with a warning about how to pay for holiday shopping. >> also, mac and cheese how kraft is changing the project >> a bus service from here to
los angeles for $one. there is a catch. >> okay. and surf's up. sandhya with a look
breaking news in south america. a 6.6 quake struck near santiago, chile. a drug tunnel discovered between san diego and tijuana, mexico. immigration enforcement soez it was packed with eight tons of marijuana and 300 pounds of cocaine. three people are now in custody. more still to come. probably. >> credit cards certainly seem like a great idea. >> they can end up costing big
down the road. >> this can be a great deal but there is a lot to watch out for. you can often get on the spot approval for buy now, pay later loan. it might not have to be paid off for years. consumer reports says beware if you miss a deadline just one day, or carry a balance past the promotion period, you can get slammed with mountains of interest. doug watts saying buying his television was one of the dumbest moves he made. a nasty surprise came in the mail. the three-year period was up. >> they added $1300 in interest. on a balance of roughly $700. >> the original receipt contained loan terms he says were hard to find and unclear. but they said sed if he didn't play pai in three years he'd be charged interest on the bill, even money he'd paid. the
attorney and financial expert says the terms of the deferred cards have gotten clearer, you can still get trapped. >> disclosures are really not enough to help consumers understand what they're buying. >> reporter: besides best buy, home depot and other retailers promote deferred interest loans. you'll find solicitations for deferred interest credit cards design forward health sxar -- care services. >> it's the location of the solicitation within a doctor's office or vet's office or dentist office is exploiting. >> saying deferred interest cards are dangerous products and often carry high interest rates. >> when you think they should be band >> doug says he'll never fall for another deferred pitch
again. consumer union asking the new federal watch dog to look into deferred interest credit card. consumer protection bureau says it will. my advice, go for the deals and pay for them twho months early. >> and how to give your home a new look without spending a dime on a decorator. but you'll get an interior designer to do the work. >> it's cool >> thank you >> sure. >> michael has great deals. >> kraft going to remove artificial food dyes from these products. sponge bob square pants, halloween and winter shapes. kraft says it will replace artificial dye was spices for coloring the company not explaining the reason but analysts suggest it's
a move to accommodate a push for natural ingredients. >> talking about things we eat, fruit is now the second-most popular food of, from numbers five just a decade ago. most popular fruits are banana, apple, oranges and grapes. research firm npd says popularity sin creasing same rate juice drinking is decreasing. top ten foods. researchers say these item as kt for half of what we eat and drink. >> all right. we have a warning from patrol. saying traffic will be likely heavy when the greaton casino opens. as many as 10,000 extra cars coulding on highway 101. patrol will be directing
traffic as needed how about los angeles for $one? a bus service offering rides from bay area to southern california for just $one the bus made a stop in oakland this morning. bolt bus offers three round trips to los angeles. east bay, picking up passengers at west oakland station. and >> we're around main areas of travel. >> the dollar promotion ends sunday. regular fares to los angeles cost $14. it's still reasonable. buss have free wi-fi and leather seechlts bold bus is affiliated with greyhound. and another word about getting around town. those looking for a shorter ride may northbound for a scream. ride sharing company
has makeup artists dressing up 50 drivers as zombies. >> well you can say it was a halloween treat for surfers owed. waves were as high as six feet. dozens respond and enjoyed swells today. it's a windmill for holding mavericks surf contest opening tomorrow. right now let's check in with the accu-weather forecast. >> she's on the roof i've been people watching. one person walked by dress up like a holiday ornament. just gorgeous and beautiful out here. nothing frightening about this forecast. trick or treaters get out of the door. extra layer is handy tonight. checking out doppler seven hd, weather looking fantastic. clear skies
radar is not trafficking any moisture out there. so some halloweens we've seen rain. not this year. temperatures up anywhere from about 2 to 9 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. here is our beautiful view from our mount tamalpais camera. towards coast no, fog to speak of. it's 63 in san francisco. 66 oakland. low 70s to san jose and los gatos. san jose camera showing you sunshine, light winds there. it's 72 for high there today. and are going see warmer weather in some areas. napa, low 70s. mount clear and cool tonight. mild weather, cooler weather for weekend. and right now,
satellite showing you dry pattern extending into next week. maybe not. through next week but into next week. take a look at dry october. san francisco has had no measurable rain this october. last dry october 1980. this is not good. and when you look at national oceanic and atmospheric association at the drought most of california dealing with a severe drought. some parts are shaded in red. so we need rain. a ghostly forecast for trick or dwreerts fading by morning. temperatures, and the chill mainly north bay valleys, sheltered from winds. you'll see upper 30s. tomorrow afternoon, 74 in the south bay. los gatos,
76. 72 santa cruz. a beautiful day on the peninsula. check out the coast. sunshine and 68 in half moon bay. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. today's highs have been in mid-60s to 70s 71 south san francisco. north bay communities 75 calistoga. napa, 70 in sausalito. 72 oakland and hayward. inland spots, walnut creek, 75678976 degrees in livermore. a check of the accu-weather forecast, which includes all-important weekend, a cool down for weekend. and a little bit breezy as well. it will remain dry don't forget going to standard time on sunday. falling back one hour. saturday night, set clocks back before going to bed. 2:00 a.m becoming 1:00 a.m . thursday, we're watching
carefully. computer models duking it out. one says rain, one says maybe not so much. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, happy halloween. >> wag the dog. coming up what your pet is saying when you moves his tail. >> plus, bartender was badges? people signing up to get tipsy. >> and tesla charged up. the steps that will allow cars to make it from seattle
in eastern contra county a big rig is blocking eastbound lanes. in that part contra costa
county evening commute is going to be a mess. >> sadly the woman known as the hat lady died her hat shop was just legendary nearly 40 years. number of celebrities wore her hats she was well known for support of the president and other politicians. ruth died on monday, she was 74. >> we're going miss her. >> yes >> it's not every day authorities encourage to you drink. yes . that is going on in nevada. in the name of civic duty. the sheriff's office gathers up volunteer drinkers and they are released to new recruits for dui training and quizzed on driving abilities >> we ask them if they feel like they'd drive? more often than not they say yes, they would drive. and they're above.08 at that point. a.08 means you're drunk.
volunteers don't drive them the program simulates being pulled over the alcohol donated by department of taxation the booze seized from people who don't pay taxes on alcohol. >> well, tonight a study suggests dogs can respond to the tail wags of other dogs happy dogs wag more to the right. nervous swish to the left. the study involved dogs watching films of other dogs when animals saw a dog move right, they stay relaxed of a flick to the left caused the dog's heart rates to speed up they looked anxious. interesting. >> there is a joke in there but i'm not going to go there. >> coming up, just in time for halloween, what one group says is the scariest movie of all. >> it's throw back thursday. we're posting photos of members
of the abc7 news team in their childhood costumes. go to our pages to make a
to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
coming up at 6:00 down fall of a state senator and the role twitter may have played. and a way to help athletes recover from injury. some are giving it a frosty design. >> it's great f you can get it free, why not? >> design without paying a dime. seven on your side on services being offered by popular retailers coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00 >> thank you. >> all right a bare politician with a public melt down is telling the whole story only to abc7 news how a sex tape and drug addiction led to the scandal and a surprising response. dan noyes
has the interview tonight at 11:00 >> you know it's halloween people have been sharing great pictures with us. >> check this out. it's 4-year-old xavier dressed up like collin kaeper nick. >> a couple minutes ago we showed you a picture of the member of the team? who is it? that is ama daetz. >> cute >> finally here, a survey of 10,000 users to find ten most frightening films. >> this scene picked as number one. >> oh, yeah. >> that is a classic, from "the shining" again, two was "nightmare on elm street". they hook up use yirs to heart monitors and rated scenes based
on jump in heartbeat. >> that is our report. thanks for joining us. welcome to "world news." tonight the halloween nightmare playing out across a big part of this country. the flash floods, the dramatic rescues by raft, by helicopter, families hoisted to safety. abc's extreme weather team on the case tonight. the breaking news late today, the justice department suddenly stepping in. the mysterious case of a teenager found dead in a high school gym. tonight you'll see the school surveillance tape. ready for takeoff, the big change for anyone getting on a plane tonight. for some airlines it starts tonight. the fliers sending us their videos. trick or treat. what happens when you unknowingly buy a so-called haunted house, the american families turning to the real-life ghost busters.